Why Wreckfest is the Ultimate Arcade Racing Experience (review)

Wreckfest review

Racing games have been stuck in a rut for several years, but Wreckfest is different. Here, besides driving well, you need to be more ruthless than your opponents, whether human or AI. There are no breathtaking landscapes like in Forza Horizon, no police chases like in Need for Speed, and none of the everything-and-nothing approach of The Crew. In Wreckfest, you FIGHT to the end, even if you’re left with just three wheels, a crumpled body, and an engine on fire!

What I like most when playing is the sense of freedom. I’m not talking about the “easy” freedom of an open world, but the freedom ON THE TRACK. I mean the ability to decide whether to try to escape the metal mayhem with your small, fast car or to confront the physical clash with a heavy, well-equipped vehicle. This applies to “race” type events, while in “derby” type events, the arena leaves no choice but violence.

I really appreciate the lack of time trials, which I personally detest since I’m not a driving “purist.” The same goes for drift races, which have definitively turned me away from games like Need For Speed Payback.

The developers communicate with the community on many channels, including social media, so the constant updates reflect the wishes of the majority of players.

There are vehicles to suit all tastes, some truly hilarious. The uncertainty of the races until the very last moment reigns supreme, keeping adrenaline levels high from the first to the last minute of every event in the rich single-player campaign and the excellent multiplayer.

The physics engine and opponent AI are top-notch, aimed at pure fun. The rewarding system is excellent, calculated based on the difficulty settings in driving and the skill/aggressiveness level of the AI.

Sometimes, I’ve found myself losing races because I wanted to bump into someone just for the fun of it, and I never regretted it. Enjoy!

If you want a more conventional arcade racing game free from the wrecking component, play Grid Legends or DIRT 5.

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